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BotanoHealth provides all-natural, organic products for a variety of purposes. Together with our clients, we are working to improve quality of life while protecting our environment.

Studies show that about one-third of the food produced in the world is lost due to insect and fungus damage. Two periods in the production cycle are especially problematic: a few weeks before harvest, and after harvest during storage and shipping – as toxic pesticides cannot be used to avoid toxic residues in produce reaching the market.

As the global population and demand for food increases, BotanoHealth's technology allows reducing the staggering 30% food loss due to plant disease and fungus.

BotanoHealth plans to use the innovative formulation technology to develop additional products for the crop protection market and better living.

BotanoHealth Improves the health of the farmer's environment by reducing toxic substance use in farms. It also improves food safety by reducing toxic residues in produce and increases the income of farmers reducing crop loss due to plant pathogens.


Our Products are:

  • Plant-based and all-natural
  • Non-toxic to plants, animals, and humans
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients

    The Team

    Yaniv Kitron | CEO
    Chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience developing businesses for agricultural markets.

    Amir Kitron | CTO
    PhD in Chemical Engineering with over 30 years of experience in botanical products, R&D, and commercialization.

    Itamar Highkin | COO
    15 years of experience in financing and product management for both public companies and start-ups.

    Shay Jean | CBDO
    A decorated brigadier general with 27 years of experience in senior executive positions.

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