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Fruit & Vegetable Washing



  • "Botano-wash" organic spray safely removes wax, pesticide and chemical residues, dirt, germs, and bacteria.
  • "Botano-wash" is easy to use, spray directly onto your fruit or veg and rinse.
  • Suitable for post-harvest use and cleaning standard and organic fruits and vegetables.
  • "Botano-wash" spray is plant-based and uses a unique patented combination of natural ingredients that are highly effective and non-toxic. 
  • 10 in 1: "Botano-wash" comes in a 100 ml concentrated bottle and is simply diluted with water to make 10 x 500ml bottles of ready to use "Botano-wash". To make things easier for you, a 500 ml empty spray bottle is included free with your purchase.

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