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Medical Cannabis Infected with Mold (& our solution!)

September 11, 2020

Medical Cannabis Infected with Mold (& our solution!)

Medical Cannabis infected with mold, fungi, and pesticides can pose a real health hazard, especially to patients with weakened immune systems.

Recently patients have complained about mold in their medical cannabis,

Following our research here are some important tips:

Recently, California and other places around the world have issued stricter new cleaning regulations on the subject: no residues of pesticides and no residues of fungi on medical cannabis.

But what exactly is mold?

There are several species of fungi that grow on plants like cannabis. Many species of mold may attack the cannabis flowers, but the main ones are "botrytis" (also known as "bud rot" or "gray mold"), "Aspergillus" and "penicillium".

When mold is consumed by smoking it is much more dangerous than eating, in part because it does not pass through the liver and reaches the bloodstream directly from the lungs.

So if there is a fear of mold in cannabis, the right thing to do is to throw it away immediately. There is no point in trying to cut the part with the mold and save the uninfected parts because the mold spores spread to the rest of the flower.

Smoking cannabis with mold can cause lung fungal infection, difficulty breathing, pneumonia, headache, vomiting, and diarrhea. For medical cannabis patients with a weakened immune system, mold smoking can be life-threatening.

For growers, this is a real problem: the use of pesticides that will prevent fungi leaves toxic residues on the cannabis, these residues are prohibited and dangerous. Failure to use pesticides allows the development of mold fungi and again the growers lose because the goods are disqualified.

There is a solution, but it is very expensive - medical cannabis undergoes radiation treatments.

Besides, farmers are trapped, chemicals lose effectiveness against fungi, many substances are dangerous to farmers and many substances harm the ecological environment. The regulation does not allow the spraying or treatment of toxic substances near and after harvesting because of the toxicity of the toxins.

The result for farmers is very clear: the loss of huge amounts of goods after the financial investment.

The obvious solution is to move to organic, efficient, and affordable solutions for the farmer.

Research and literature point to several essential oils that can help in dealing with leaf diseases, but alongside the success in the fight against the fungus the oils harm and burn the inflorescence or fruit.

Also, these oils are expensive to apply in the field and commercial quantities and are therefore irrelevant as a solution to the farmer at the end of the chain.

Botanohealth has developed an organic solution and technology that overcomes several challenges, challenges that were mentioned above, in growing medical cannabis.

The Botanohealth solution ‘BHB’ allows growers to avoid the use of toxic pesticides, as well as the solution allows to fight botrytis, penicillium, aspergillus, and of course prevents mold, all without burning or damaging the inflorescence.
Botanohealth has developed a new technology, with a unique patent, the technology increases 20 times the power and efficiency of the active botanicals, without harming the fruit or the plant.

The technology produces a synergy of botanical ingredients including the active ingredients, the result is an organic product, non-toxic and very effective against leaf diseases at a reasonable cost to the farmer.

The use of the product is relevant in the two critical stages of product loss, in the period close to harvesting and after it during storage and cooling. This is done by preventive spraying of the product during the growing of the crops, the product produces a thin coating on the leaves and fruit which prevents the spread of the fungus.

The product can also be sprayed or washed with BHB after harvesting and before storage in the refrigerator and even during the stay in the refrigerators.
Regulation - the ingredients are plants that are exempt from licensing in the United States (OMRI approval (as a minimum risk pesticide per FIFRA Section 25(b)).

The product has proven effective in laboratory experiments as well as in field trials and demonstrations in Europe and the United States.

Using organic protection, based on this technology will increase the amount of produce that reaches the end of the chain to the consumer, organic protection will allow the farmer to treat the produce near the harvest without fear of harming his health.

And of course, in the ecological aspect, a product based on organic ingredients blends into the environment without harming the organs, soil, and plants that make up the environment.

BHB prevents mold, botrytis (also known as "bud rot" or "gray mold"), aspergillus and penicillium in medical cannabis, BHB can prevent the losses of products and the dangers effects of fungus.

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